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The cattle-conflict-climate change nexus: a moving frontline on the Sudano-Sahel?

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Friday, November 8, 2019 - 1:00pm to 5:30pm
Copenhagen, Denmark
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A large number of on-going conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa shares an under-studied common denominator. From Mali to Nigeria, Burkina Faso to South Sudan, and Chad to the Central African Republic, they all involve escalating tensions between pastoralists and farmers, claiming thousands of lives across the region. But these conflicts along the lower belt of the Sahara are instead often analyzed as revolving around radicalization, jihad or state failure. Might these just be superficial expressions of more complex dynamics, driving migration and conflict?

While the linkages between cattle, conflict and climate change figure high in the international security agenda, to date, however, evidence of these linkages has been patchy at best. Understanding these linkages is crucial to not only grasp the dynamics of conflict but also to consider the pathways to peace and stability.

DIIS invites you to an afternoon with leading international experts to explore the latest evidence, insights from research, and dynamics of individual conflicts. The event offers participants a comparative view on the dynamics and characteristics across the Sudano-Sahel and within countries, but also to bring into dialogue the different forms of knowledge on the nexus between conflict, climate change and cattle.

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