COVID-19 Evaluation

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Catherine McGowan / Save the Children

The COVID-19 Evaluation Associate Award (2021-2022),or COVID-19 Evaluation, gathered timely evidence on BHA’s response to COVID-19 in humanitarian contexts. The evaluation determined the effectiveness, relevance, timeliness, and coherence of BHA’s programming as implemented within the United States Government's COVID-19 response. The evaluation highlighted key findings, lessons learned, high-level conclusions, and priority recommendations for future programming.  

The COVID-19 Evaluation evaluated BHA-funded COVID-19 response awards across all regions issued from March to August 2020, with data on final results excluded for any award that continued after November 2021. Funded by USAID/BHA, the COVID-19 Evaluation was issued through the IDEAL Leader with Associate Awards Activity and implemented by TANGO International in collaboration with Save the Children. Learn more in the COVID-19 Collection here.

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What We Do

The COVID-19 Evaluation is a mixed-methods performance evaluation including a multi-level data collection approach. Learn more about how the Evaluation will be conducted.