COVID-19 Evaluation

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Catherine McGowan / Save the Children

The COVID-19 Evaluation Associate Award (or COVID-19 Evaluation) gathers timely evidence on BHA’s response to COVID-19 in humanitarian contexts. The evaluation will determine the effectiveness, relevance, timeliness, and coherence of BHA’s programming as implemented within the United States Government COVID-19 response. The evaluation will highlight key findings, lessons learned, high-level conclusions, and priority recommendations for future programming.  

The COVID-19 Evaluation will evaluate BHA-funded COVID-19 response awards across all regions issued from March to August 2020, with data on final results excluded for any award that continued after November 2021. Funded by USAID/BHA, the COVID-19 Evaluation is issued through the IDEAL Leader with Associate Awards Activity and implemented by TANGO International in collaboration with Save the Children.

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What We Do

The COVID-19 Evaluation is a mixed-methods performance evaluation including a multi-level data collection approach. Learn more about how the Evaluation will be conducted. 

Meet the Team

Charles Brands Headshot

Charles Brands

Research Associate

Krista Bywater Headshot

Dr. Krista Bywater

Gender, Protection, and Social Inclusion Technical Advisor

Lilyon Conroy Headshot

Lilyon Conroy

Junior Research Associate

Tim Frankenberger

Tim Frankenberger

Senior Technical Advisor/Case Study Lead

Lenette Golding Headshot

Dr. Lenette Golding

Public Health Technical Advisor

Darren Hedley Headshot

Dr. Darren Hedley

Case Study Lead

Qundeel Khattak

Qundeel Khattak


Nancy Mock Headshot

Dr. Nancy Mock

Senior Technical Advisor/Case Study Lead

Katie Pons Headshot

Katie Pons

Knowledge, Learning, and Communications Advisor

Abigayle Rocca Headshot

Abigayle Rocca

Junior Research Associate

David Tellez Headshot

David Tellez

Data Analyst

Maryada Vallet Headshot

Maryada Vallet

Program Director/Team Leader