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Coordination and Communication Approaches to Promote HDP Coherence

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Victoria Zegler
8:00am - 10:00am ET

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Coordination and communication among actors operating in the same area is important to achieve humanitarian-development-peace coherence. This dynamic dialogue offered coordination and communication approaches that implementing partners can learn from or replicate and adapt to their contexts. Examples came from the USAID Mission in Ethiopia, an international non-government organization forum in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the global Food Security Cluster in Chad.

The session explored the following questions:

  • What can effective coordination among actors interested in improving HDP coherence look like? 
  • What can we learn from these examples to deliver projects in more impactful and coherent ways?

This session was hosted by Georgia Tacey, Director of the Building Peaceful Futures consortium, Save the Children Iraq. Speakers include:

  • Henock Kewendbelay, ​​Disaster Risk Management Coordinator/Team Leader: ​Office of Relief & Resilience (R2), USAID, Ethiopia
  • Nathaniel Allaire Sevigny, Head of Mission for MAGNA, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Gweneaelle Luc, Project Manager, global Food Security Cluster, Chad

This event was part of the thematic area: Communication and Coordination for HDP Coherence

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Speaker Bios

Georgia TaceyGeorgia Tacey is the Director of the Building Peaceful Futures consortium for Save the Children Iraq. The consortium is a multi-sector nexus collaboration between international non-governmental organizations and local organizations to support the safe and dignified return of people who were displaced by the ISIS conflict.

Henock KewendbelayHenock Kewendbelay is a Foreign Service Officer currently with USAID/Ethiopia. He is serving as the coordinator for the USAID/Ethiopia’s Strategic Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). He also serves as the Mission’s Disaster Risk Management Coordinator/Team leader.

Nathaniel Allaire SevignyNathaniel Allaire Sevigny is based in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the Head of Mission for MAGNA, a Slovak INGO working in Health. He also serves as the INGO Nexus focal point and as the national chairman for the INGO Forum, which has 129 members across the DRC and actively works to help partner and link organizations to each other. 

Gweneaelle LucGweneaelle Luc is based in Rome and works for the global Food Security Cluster and serves as the project manager for a sub-component of the Global Network Against Food Crisis (GNAFC) partnership project. This project aims to enhance coordination between HDP actors and increase synergies among their action to further operationalize the HDP nexus for responding to food crises.