Promotional graphic for Cracking the Nut 2023 featuring a series of images of people attending a conference.
Connexus Corporation
12:00am - 11:59pm ET
Washington, DC, USA
Connexus Corporation

Cracking the Nut 2023: Reducing Risk in Rural and Agricultural Investment is a two-day learning event and two-day Anti-Fragile Market Systems training on June 12-13 and June 14-15, respectively. The conference will explore the opportunities for finance to drive supply chains and trade, the needs of informal enterprises, and an enabling business advisory ecosystem. The conference will provide a demand‚Äźdriven, collaborative learning space where participants share experiences and best practices on innovative approaches to reducing risks and supporting rural and agricultural development, while stimulating and incentivizing private sector investment. The 2023 conference will focus on three tracks:

  • Reducing risks associated with rural and agricultural investments
  • Using subsidies and blending commercial capital to achieve development impacts
  • Integrating underserved populations into commercial markets