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HuMEL: Data Quality Assessments

A man speaks with another man, woman, and child, and takes notes on an iPad.
Sacha Myer / Save the Children
9:00am - 10:00am ET

Join the HuMEL (Humanitarian Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) peer community for a webinar on Data Quality Assessments (DQAs) in complex contexts. The conversation will center on defining roles and responsibilities around data collection and review, tools to support data validation, and lessons learned from implementers.

During this event, we will hear from:

  • Jennifer Majer, Senior Advisor for MEAL and Research at International Medical Corps, and Omar Makki, MEAL Officer at IMC - Lebanon, on IMC's new Routine DQA Guidelines and Toolkit and a few lessons learned from DQAs conducted in Lebanon;
  • and Wilson Gu, MEAL Technical Advisor at Catholic Relief Services, on a DQA for Feedback Complaints and Response Mechanism in Moldova.

You can learn more about the HuMEL peer community here.

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