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HuMEL Meeting: Third Party Monitoring

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Reginald Louissaint Jr. / Save the Children
9:00am - 10:30am ET

Humanitarian Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (HuMEL) is an emergency M&E learning network centered around the increasingly complex humanitarian context. The purpose of the network is to share lessons learned, methodologies, and experiences between implementers, donors, and other stakeholders with the goal of improving programming.

The core content of the next HuMEL meeting is a follow-on from our last HuMEL meeting focused on Accountability to Affected Populations. This month IBTCI will share lessons learned from third-party monitoring in humanitarian assistance context from Yemen, Somalia, and Iraq in a multidimensional look at Complaint Feedback Mechanism awareness and utilization with considerations for your Humanitarian Aid activities based on beneficiary perspectives, preferences, and contextual dynamics.

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