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Qualitative M&E During COVID-19: Sharing Tips for Remote Data Collection

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Colin Crowley / Save the Children
5:00am - 6:30am EST

About the Event

In recent years, M&E and program staff across the food security implementing community have expressed increasing interest in qualitative methods to monitor both emergency and non-emergency food security activities. While we have increased our capacity to carry out rigorous qualitative studies, how can we continue to collect qualitative data in the context of COVID-19, a time when understanding complex dynamics at household, community and institutional levels will be critical?

During this webinar, we will present examples of remote qualitative data collection and share collective insights for adapting our approaches in a time of social distancing. The webinar will aim to address the following questions:

  • What are minimum standards for qualitative M&E?
  • How are we adapting methods of process monitoring?
  • What are key lessons and strategies for remote qualitative work and how can we tailor these in the context of COVID-19?

Participants are invited to continue the discussion on the FSN Network Forum

This event is part of IDEAL's Food Security COVID-19 Learning Series.

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