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SLAM Meeting: Approaches for Improving Local Engagement in Learning and AM

A group of men sit in a circle.
8:30am - 10:00am ET

Join us for the first Strategic Learning & Adaptive Management (SLAM) Meeting on August 17th!

The process of adaptive management requires active involvement and collaboration with local stakeholders to effectively address challenges, make informed decisions, and ensure the successful implementation of interventions. Local engagement can be improved through coordination mechanisms and regular meetings that include local stakeholders, collaborative context monitoring and contingency planning, timely communication, and engagement with communities through processes like community visioning and innovative processes for sharing information and learning. 

Speakers and case study descriptions: 

  • Ailish Byrne, Strategic Learning Lead, Nawiri (CRS), Kenya - A Market Stall Approach for Collaborative Learning and Improved Engagement with Local Partners
  • Derrick Aaron Nsibirwa, Learning and Research Advisor, Graduating to Resilience (AVSI), Uganda - Community Steering Committees for Accountability and Context Monitoring in Uganda
  • Sifiso Ndlovu, Community Visioning Lead- Amalima Loko, Sipiwe Dube Community Mobilization Specialist -Amalima Loko, Zimbabwe - Using Community Visioning for Action Planning and Adaptation in Zimbabwe

This new SLAM peer community will be comprised of learning and adaptive management professionals implementing USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) resilience food security and emergency activities. IDEAL supports the group to share ideas, expertise and experiences with each other and to work together to identify solutions for creating more effective learning cultures and practicing adaptive management within their activities. It is a great opportunity to meet colleagues who promote strategic learning and adaptive management and share your experience!

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