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Supporting Successful Transitions to Local Actors

Group of women under an umbrella
Ganga Pyakurel / Save the Children
8:00am - 9:30am ET

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Local actors play a key role in fostering sustainable results across humanitarian, development, and peace assistance work. To enable transitions from international to locally-led development, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) need to intentionally align with the realities in the communities in which they work, something local actors are often already doing. 

Stopping As Success (SAS+) is a collaborative learning project which advocates for locally-led development by using evidence from 13 countries to inform responsible INGO transitions.

This session explored how two SAS+ partners —Nuru in Kenya and Coffee for Peace in the Philippines— have enhanced local leadership in their context. This dynamic dialogue was hosted by Grace Boone, Program Manager at CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA). Speakers included:

  • Tala Bautista, Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Coffee for Peace, Philippines
  • Pauline Wambeti, Managing Director, Nuru Kenya 

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This event was part of the thematic area: Advancing Locally Led HDP Coherence.

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Speaker Bios

Tala BautistaTala Bautista is a member of the Sumacher First Nation in Kalinga, Philippines. She got involved in the peacebuilding field in 2008 and currently works with Peacebuilders Community Inc., (PBCI) and Coffee for Peace (CFP) since 2011. She serves as the Chief Operations Officer of PBCI and Senior Vice President of CFP.


Grace BooneGrace Boone is a Program Manager at CDA and manages Stopping As Success (SAS+). She works to shift power across the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus in order to contribute to a reimagined way of working that is led by people in their own communities and centered around global solidarity.


Pauline WambetiPauline Wambeti believes in “not waiting for other people to make the changes for us, but to make the changes ourselves.” She is the Managing Director for Nuru Kenya and has over 15 years experience in community development. Pauline worked for the United Nations Environment’s Regional office for Africa-Nairobi. She has been a Programme Officer for the National Organization for Peer Educators; a Business Development Officer for K-Rep Bank Ltd and, a Program Facilitator for Doctors of the World. Pauline has studied Social Work and Community Development in addition to post graduate studies in Development Studies and Project Management. She is a 2018 East Africa Acumen Fellow.