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Using Humanitarian Evaluations for Development Programs in HDP Coherence

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Mohamed Arif / Save the Children
8:00am - 9:30am ET

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Evaluations of humanitarian programs –when they occur– can offer critical insights for future response, relief, and recovery efforts, as well as longer-term development activities. Learnings on how to effectively build resilience through recovery efforts or identifying which communities are most vulnerable in the face of shocks are just a couple examples of evidence from humanitarian evaluations that can inform development programming. This session explored challenges and opportunities for improved socialization of evaluations and learnings from humanitarian and emergency responses among development practitioners for increased utilization in the design and implementation of longer-term resilience programming. 

M&E practitioners shared the challenges they face when working to internalize evaluation learning and transferring knowledge. This dynamic dialogue was hosted by Mara Mordini, M&E Advisor at USAID/BHA. Speakers included:

  • Fabio Bezerra, Evaluation Manager (Consultant) at UNICEF Mozambique
  • Gary Glass Jr, Director, Monitoring and Evaluation at Blumont

This event was part of the thematic area: Data for Decision-Making in HDP Coherence

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Speaker Bios:

Mara Mordini Profile PictureMara Mordini is an M&E Advisor at USAID/BHA. She manages the Implementer-Led Evaluation and Learning (IMPEL) award, BHA's primary mechanism for evaluating its resilience and food security activities. Mara also supports the management of the Humanitarian Assistance and Evidence Cycle (HAEC) award, and provides technical support to BHA's investments in Uganda.


Fabio Bezerra HeadshotFabio Bezerra is an Evaluation consultant at UNICEF Mozambique, where he focuses on evaluation management and development of national evaluation capacity. Prior to joining UNICEF in 2020, he founded Minds for Development, a planning and evaluation consultancy in Brazil, and worked with M&E in Mexico and Jordan. Fabio holds a bachelor's degree in business and Law from Federal University of Paraíba, and a master's degree in development management and evaluation from University of Antwerp. 

Gary Glass Jr PhotoGary Glass Jr is Director of M&E at Blumont, where he brings more than 15 years of applied research experience, leading program monitoring and evaluation for development interventions in Central Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, and the Caucuses. Specializing in both quantitative and qualitative instrument design and analysis, Gary implements custom methodologies responsive to varied community contexts. Prior to Blumont, Gary served as the deputy team leader for the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund’s Third-Party Monitoring program in Kabul. He holds a Doctorate and Master of Science in Rural Sociology from the University of Missouri and a bachelor’s in sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.