IDEAL Applied Research Award

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Save the Children

Update: The RFA and Attachment 1 have been revised on September 10, 2020, based on questions from the food security and nutrition community. The four changes are highlighted in yellow in the revised Research Award RFA and Attachment 1 below.

About the Award

We are inviting organizations engaged in emergency and development food and nutrition security programming to apply for an ARA. IDEAL will award up to five ARAs, each with a maximum value of $300,000 US dollars and a period of up to 24 months. Research funded by this RFA will advance knowledge and address knowledge gaps around strategic integration (sequencing, layering, and integration) as described in the Food Assistance and Food Security Programmatic Learning Agenda.

In order to be considered for an ARA, all applicants must submit an application before the published deadline. Only one application will be accepted from each implementing organization or federation. All ARAs must be implemented as partnerships between a food and nutrition security implementing organization and an established research team from a higher education institution or other research institution.   

Who is eligible to apply?

This RFA requires a partnership between a food and nutrition security program implementer (e.g., a non-governmental organization, civil society, or private sector company) and an established research team from a higher education institution (HEI) or research institution.

The following are not eligible to apply for grants under this RFA: 

  • Members of the IDEAL consortium: Save the Children, the Kaizen Company, Mercy Corps, and TANGO International including their respective country offices and federation members; 
  • Individuals and/or sole proprietorships; 
  • Government entities, including ministries; 
  • Multilateral organizations; or 
  • Firms operating as commercial companies or other organizations (including non-profit and non-governmental organizations) that are wholly or partially owned by foreign governments or agencies

Full details on applicant eligibility can be found in Section C of the RFA.

Application Details 

When is the deadline for applications?

5:00 PM ET, October 23, 2020         

Is there a question and answer period?

The RFA question period has ended. The FAQ document can be found here.

Will there be a launch event where my team can learn more and ask questions?

Yes, a launch event was held on September 1, 2020. The following webinar resources are now available:

Grant Opportunities