PCS Capacity Strengthening Support

Program Cycle Support provides capacity strengthening support to implementing partners in preparation for Refine and Implement (R&I) events such as the Inception and Culmination Workshops.

Photo of a woman giving a cooking demonstration
Fredrik Lerneryd / Save the Children

Pre-Inception Technical Assistance 

PCS prepares implementing partners to arrive at the Inception Workshop ready to engage in collaborative discussions about key information gaps that affect implementation, and refinement period studies, pilots, and community engagement plans that respond to these information gaps.  

PCS strengthens partners’ capacity to: 

  • Address basic weaknesses in their theory of change (TOC) diagrams. 
  • Use the TOC to identify and document information gaps in advance of the Inception Workshop.
  • Take ownership of and lead information gaps discussions at the Inception Workshop. 

R&I in Action: Information Gap Prioritization

Pre-Culmination Technical Assistance

PCS prepares implementing partners to arrive at the Culmination Workshop ready to engage in collaborative discussions about the implications of refinement period findings and prioritized interventions. 

PCS strengthens partners’ capacity to:   

  • Apply refinement period findings to the TOC.   
  • Articulate the implications of findings on sustainability planning, gender and youth positioning, and contextually relevant themes. 
  • Prioritize/eliminate interventions based on findings.  
  • Take ownership and lead culmination workshop discussions related to the refinement of the activity design and implementation plans. 

R&I in Action: RFSA Refinements

Pre-Sustainability Workshop Technical Assistance

PCS prepares implementing partners to arrive at the Sustainability Workshop ready to engage in discussions with BHA on sustainability planning progress, gaps in their sustainability plans to be filled, and next steps for their sustainability action plans. 

Through its available tools and TA session, PCS can support partners to: 

  • Present RFSA progress on key aspects of sustainability planning. 
  • Prepare to lead workshop discussions with BHA. 
  • Document critical outcomes to sustain, the services and input provisioning that must continue beyond the life of the activity to sustain each outcome, associated behaviors, and the actor that is expected to provide those services and inputs. 
  • Use the TOC to present prioritized outcomes.

R&I in Action: Refining a RFSA Sustainability Strategy