PCS Workshop & Events

Program Cycle Support facilitates the preparation for and implementation of workshops and events at key points during the lifecycle of BHA-funded resilience food security activities.

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Zacharias Abubker/Save the Children

PCS Workshops & Events

Inception Workshop

Purpose: To develop a shared understanding between BHA and the RFSA consortia regarding Refine & Implement (R&I) expectations, roles and responsibilities, milestones, and deliverables. 

PCS facilitates discussions that assist BHA and implementing partners to:

  • Agree on priority refinement period information gaps.
  • Refine refinement period research plans.
  • Understand stakeholder engagement expectations.  
  • Explore staff capacity development plans 
  • Build working relationships 

R&I in Action: Information Gap Prioritization

Culmination Workshop

Purpose: To jointly review the implications of refinement period findings on activity design and implementation plans, and agree on the way forward.

PCS facilitates discussions that assist BHA and implementing partners to:

  • Review the learnings from key refinement period efforts.
  • Reflect on which refinement period efforts had the most impact on refinement decisions.
  • Gain agreement on proposed adaptations to activity design and implementation approaches.
  • Identify remaining knowledge gaps.
  • Develop initial plans for continued learning, knowledge sharing, and activity adaptation beyond the refinement period.

R&I in Action: RFSA Refinements

Sustainability Workshop

Purpose: To fine-tune aspects of RFSAs' sustainability strategy and develop an action plan to ensure successful handover to local service providers.

PCS facilitates discussions that allow BHA and implementing partners to:  

  • Review sustainability planning progress. 

  • Identify the most pressing gaps to fill in the sustainability plans. 

  • Identify aspects of the intervention strategy that need to be phased out or eliminated. 

  • Agree on critical next steps for RFSA sustainability action plans. 

R&I in Action: Refining a RFSA Sustainability Strategy ​​​​​​

Community Visioning Learning Summit

Purpose: Provide implementing partners and BHA the opportunity to reach a common understanding on why community visioning should be prioritized, discuss partner challenges and successes with community visioning, and identify opportunities to reinforce community visioning efforts. 

Past Events:

End of Cycle Learning Events

Purpose: To help RFSAs reflect on programmatic learnings and, if extended, determine how to modify activities based on these learnings.