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Horn of Africa Resilience Workshop


Drawing on a growing body of resilience evidence from the Horn of Africa region, this event convened key stakeholders with the objectives to:

  1. Understand evidence emerging from resilience research in the Horn of Africa
  2. Explore common resilience trends and themes across countries
  3. Translate learning into country plans and a future learning agenda

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  A summary brief of the Horn of Africa Resilience Workshop can be found here. 

  For a 2-page brief describing the REAL Award, please click here. 





Agenda for Participants

Resilience Analysis Briefs

DRC DFSAs Baseline Final Brief


Ethiopia Livelihoods for Resilience Final Brief

Ethiopia PRIME Endline Impact Evaluation Final Brief

Somalia Resilience RMS Final Brief

Uganda DFSAs Baseline Final Brief

The evidence from Kenya will be posted soon. 


Day 1:

 Day 1 Setting the Stage (including definitions)

 Day 1 Trends and Themes

Day 2:

 Day 2 Ethiopia PRIME Endline

 Day 2 Themes: Financial Services

 Day 2 Themes: Government Responsiveness

 Day 2 Themes: Markets and Trade

 Day 2 Themes: Shocks

 Day 2 Themes: Social Capital

Day 3:

 Day 3 DRC FFP DFSAs Baseline

 Day 3 Ethiopia FFP DFSAs Baseline

 Day 3 Ethiopia Livelihoods for Resilience (L4R) Baseline

 Day 3 Somalia Recurrent Monitoring Survey

 Day 3 Uganda FFP DFSAs Baseline

PDF icon Day 4 South Sudan Resilience Profiles IFPRI/DAI




Letter Size (8.5 x 11 inches)

Resilience Capacities in the HoA Region Building Resilience to Shocks & Stresses in the HoA Region Endline Results for PRIME
Resilience Capacities Building Resilience to
Shocks and Stresses
PRIME Endline Results

Poster Size (24 x 36 inches)

Resilience Capacities in the HoA Region    Building Resilience to Shocks & Stresses in the HoA Region    Endline Results for PRIME

Other Resources

For practical guidance on resilience measurement, case studies, concept notes and more, please visit the REAL webpage at:

USAID Resilience Online Trainings:

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact Maja Persson at (REAL point of contact) or Hellen Kariuki at (Africa Lead point of contact).