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Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Essentials for Non-Specialist Development Professionals

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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Technical Guidance

*A follow-up paper to the 2020 conference Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health, Delhi 2011

Most delegates at the 2020 conference Leveraging Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Health were expert or programmatically active in agriculture, nutrition, or health, but very few had specialist expertise that crossed sectoral boundaries. A major finding of the conference was that a key barrier to integration between agriculture, nutrition and health professionals was a lack of understanding of the sectors in which participants were not active, and lack of a common ‘language’ with which to debate.

This brief report aims to outline basic concepts and definitions, tools and indicators, and common interventions used by each development sector, in order to provide a baseline level of knowledge and understanding on which to build dialogue and collaboration.