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Mercy Corps and MercyCorps Scotland strives to promote gender equality through every interaction with local communities, taking into account both cultural norms and internationally recognized human rights standards. In line with this statement, the BRIDGE (Building Responsibility for the Delivery of Government Service) program recognizes gender as a cross cutting theme ensuring the needs of women, girls, boys and men are taken into consideration in the context of Sudan. Beginning in 2010, the BRIDGE program started formalizing a gender mainstreaming process with a strong focus on strengthening the program’s internal capacity to integrate gender considerations throughout all of BRIDGE’s activities and levels.

This handbook was developed in compliance with BRIDGE’s commitment for gender sensitive programming and is intended to equip you, BRIDGE staff member with practical tools to mainstream gender into your work. We hope that this handbook will serve as an important tool to assist you in ensuring that your projects are effective, efficient, just and sustainable by identifying and addressing the needs of women, men, girls and boys in Sudan.