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Building Conflict Sensitive Interventions Toolkit

Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps
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Tools & Manuals

This toolkit contains the primary resources (such as worksheets and templates) that can be used to help a program meet the minimum standards of conflict sensitivity. Resources included are:

Analyzing Conflict 
  • Do No Harm Worksheet (Essential tool that should be used for all programs) 
  • Sample Terms of Reference and Guidelines for a Conflict Analysis 
  • Conflict Analysis Template 
  • Rapid Conflict Analysis 
  • Conflict Analysis Tool: Conflict Tree
  • Conflict Analysis Tool: Conflict Onion
  • Conflict Analysis Tool: Actor Map
  • Root Causes of Conflict 
  • Applying a Gender Lens to Dividers and Connectors
  • Mitigating Bias
  • Rapid Connectors and Dividers Analysis 
Listening to the Community 
  • Developing Questions
  • Gender Sensitivity for Trainers and Facilitators 
  • Possible Interviewee Groups 
  • Field Notes Template for Data Collection 
  • Active Listening Techniques
Assessing the Impact
  • Conflict Sensitivity in the Program Cycle 
  • Impact Assessment Template 
  • Program Impact Gender Analysis 
  • Gender Dimensions to Impacts 
  • Risk Matrix
  • Applying Principles of Conflict Sensitivity 
  • Detailed Conflict Sensitivity Checklist
  • Program Participant Identification and Selection Questions
  • Dealing with Trauma and Its Aftermath 
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • When to Work in Partnerships 
  • 10 Principles of Partnership 
  • Conflict Sensitivity Capacity Assessment Tool