Mobility International USA (MIUSA)
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The inclusion of people with disabilities in development is a topic that has been long-awaited by the international disability community, whose members have historically experienced marginalization from community and international development efforts. Disability and development, however, is still a relatively new topic for international development organizations.

The editors suggest that the reader use this book as a resource, not as a recipe, and we have chosen a format that we hope encourages this use. The Manual is divided into major sections, beginning with a simple checklist that can be used to assess a specific organization’s level of inclusiveness, continuing through sections focused on management and human resource development, program accessibility issues, international and regional experiences, and development topics viewed through disability and gender lenses. The final appendix section provides the reader with general, relevant information.

The Manual is composed of a symphony of voices, and the editors have arranged the information in a format that provides the unifying melody. Each section begins with a discussion of disability related considerations relevant to a particular issue or area, then offers strategies for building inclusive practice into the topic discussed, highlights Best Practice examples from around the world, and ends with a list of resources that readers may find useful as they plan and develop inclusive models within their own programs. We urge you to use the Manual as a tool. Space has been provided in the margins for your own notes.