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The Community Infant and Child Feeding Counseling Package is a generic resource designed to equip community workers (CWs), other community workers, or primary health care staff to support mothers, fathers and other caregivers to optimally feed their infants and young children. The training component of the package is intended to prepare CWs with technical knowledge on the recommended breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices for children from 0 up to 24 months, enhance their counselling, problem solving and reaching-an-agreement (negotiation) skills, and prepare them to effectively use the related counselling tools and job aids. It contains four parts: 

  • The Planning and Adaptation Guide outlines a series of steps and provides selected tools for use by national or local stakeholders interested in designing community-based IYCF promotion, counselling and support activities, as well as detailed tools and checklists for adapting various training and communication materials for use in their own setting.
  • The Facilitator Guide is intended for use in training CWs in technical knowledge related to key IYCF practices, essential counselling skills and the effective use of counselling tools and other job aids.
  • The Counselling Cards for the Community Workers present brightly coloured illustrations that depict key infant and young child feeding concepts and behaviours for CWs to share with mothers, fathers and other caregivers. These job aids are designed for use during specific contact points, based on priorities identified during each individual counselling session.
  • The Participant Materials consist of “handouts” and monitoring tools