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Technical Guidance

This Field Guide is for Community Mobilizers and others working within the Social Mobilization Action Consortium (SMAC) and throughout Sierra Leone. It is also intended for use by agencies within the Social Mobilization Pillar of the Sierra Leone National Ebola Response Centre, led by the Ministry of Health of Health and Sanitation, and other agencies wishing to implement the approach in Sierra Leone and other affected countries.

This Field Guide is a resource book for Community Mobilizers, field staff, and trainers to support planning, implementing, and follow-up of Community-Led Ebola Action (CLEA) social mobilization activities. It provides tools and ideas to empower communities to do their own analysis and take their own action to become Ebola-free.

The CLEA approach recognizes that communities alone have the power to stop the spread of Ebola, through their through their collective decisions and actions. The Field Guide is not intended as a blueprint. Mobilizers should feel free to adapt the facilitation guidance and tools to suit local conditions. It is intended that Community Mobilizers using the Field Guide should be trained in its use as a part of a comprehensive training covering all aspects of working in communities. The agenda for the SMAC CLEA training is included in Annex A.