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CONCEPT NOTE: WASHPaLS #2 SBC Research: Improving Handwashing and Food Hygiene Behaviors Specific to Infant and Young Child Feeding

WASH & Nutrition
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Case Studies | Tools & Manuals

WASHPaLS #2 seeks to explore social and behavioral change (SBC) approaches to improve hygienic behaviors and environments, including handwashing (HW) and food hygiene (FH) behaviors around meal preparation and feeding for infants and young children (IYC). The proposed research activity will build on the current evidence base on FH and HW, including from the Malawi Hygienic Family trial that identified key psychosocial predictors of food-related HW and FH behaviors in rural Malawi (Chidziwisano, Slekiene, Mosler, & Morse, 2020).

The Hygienic Family-2 trial is being continued in Malawi by our proposed research partners as described below.  WASHPaLS #2 proposes to conduct a study complementary to the Malawi Hygienic Family-2 trial, in which we will generate evidence on the package of interventions required to adopt and sustain hygienic behaviors around complimentary food preparation and consumption, and the role of HW and FH hardware in that change. We summarize our rationale and proposed study in the adjacent Box 1. The purpose of this document is to present:

  • Rationale and relevant concepts
  • Research questions 
  • Implementation context for the proposed research 
  • Proposed research design and methods
  • Anticipated contributions
  • Roles and responsibilities for research partners.