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Considerations for Financial Facilities to Support Water Utilities in the COVID-19 Crisis

World Bank
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Technical Guidance

This report lays out considerations that should be examined when designing a Water Finance Facility, which provides cash to help utilities continue providing essential services during a crisis such as COVID-19.  The guidance in this paper can be incorporated into a standalone facility for water or a multi-sectoral facility encompassing water, electricity, transport and other sectors, which could be located at the national, regional or subnational level. It examines the key technical considerations related to water utilities that should be considered when designing such a Facility. It will help decision makers incorporate context-specific factors such as the economic situation, the scope and scale of the crisis, and the institutional arrangements governing the sector, along with policy considerations that will also influence the design of the facility.  

A full blog post discussing the challenges faced by water utilities during the pandemic and is available here: .