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Ebola Barrier Analysis Compendium: Summary of Barrier Analysis Studies on Ebola-Related Behaviors

Curamericas Global | CORE Group | Insight Health | Mercy Corps | Samaritan's Purse | Catholic Relief Services
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Literature Review | Technical Guidance

FSN Network's Social and Behavioral Change (SBC) Task Force along with the CORE SBC Working Group are pleased to share the Ebola Barrier Analysis Compendium: Summary of Barrier Analysis Studies on Ebola-related Behaviors, Tom Davis and Arti Srinivasan, editors.

Contributors to this compendium include CRS in conjunction with NestBuilders International: Annisha Vasutavan (CRS), Suzanne Van Hulle, Prince Jusu Nallo (NestBuilders International), Bonnie Kittle (consultant to CRS); Mathias Pollock, Mercy Corps; Keren Massey and Cindy Uttley, Samaritan’s Purse and; Curamericas Global, which provided funding to Tom Davis and Arti Srinivasan (eds.) to complete this compendium. And special thanks to Jean Capps, Independent Consultant, Kamden Hoffmann, Insight Health and the FSN Network SBC Task Force and the CORE Group SBC Working Group for help in locating these studies.

This compendium was put together to add to the growing body of Ebola-related research and to understand ways in which improvements can be made in community mobilization and the promotion of behaviors and activities (e.g., hand washing with soap, referral of cases) that help reduce transmission of Ebola and other serious diseases. It is intended for anyone interested in understanding the key behavioral determinants that affect uptake of behaviors that help in the prevention, early treatment and management of EVD, other communicable diseases similar to EVD (e.g., Marburg Virus Disease), and diseases that are transmitted by some of the behaviors studied (e.g., hand washing with soap).