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Energy-Water-Food Nexus Assessment and Benchmarking Tool for Food for Peace Programs

Mercy Corps
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Literature Review

The Energy-Water-Food Nexus Benchmarking aims to test a practical survey instrument to benchmark energy access for productive use that can be used throughout the global food security community for design, baseline, and benchmarking of Nexus activities to achieve food security goals, while also adding practical value to the GHG program. ESMAP (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program) has already developed a robust multi-tier methodology for household lighting and cooking access and is now in the process of developing modules for productive use.

This project will use three ESMAP MTT (Multi-Tier Tools) modules through the existing GHG program, being implemented by Mercy Corps and consortium partners in Northern Karamoja. Following piloting of the tool a final design workshop on findings will be held with GHG consortium partners to incorporate findings into practical piloting of nexus activities via the GHG FFP program. This entire process will be documented and the findings and methodology report will be shared with Food for Peace Uganda Mission, GHG partners World Vision, Feinstein International Center, Pastoralism and Poverty Frontiers, and Kaabong Peace and Development Agency, and key organizations, like ACDI-VOCA, who actively implement food security programs in Uganda. The final report and methodology will also be disseminated through the TOPS network and to the SE4All Energy Practitioners network.