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Evaluating the Potential of Container-Based Sanitation

The World Bank
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Technical Guidance

This report aims to document and assess existing CBS approaches, with a particular focus on evaluating their safety, reliability, affordability, and financial viability. The report also seeks to identify circumstances in which CBS approaches are most appropriate and whether they could be considered as part of CWIS.

The report is based on a rapid landscaping study that mapped where CBS approaches have been introduced and reviewed their performance based on available information. Four CBS service providers were selected for more in-depth case studies: Sanergy (Kenya), Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) (Haiti), Clean Team (Ghana), and x-runner (Peru). These case viii Evaluating the Potential of Container-Based Sanitation studies are available as stand-alone reports (available at The present report builds on the main findings and presents lessons learned from these experiences aimed at governments, funders, and other stakeholders who may be interested in incorporating CBS into a portfolio of CWIS solutions.