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Evaluating Title II Developmentoriented Multi-Year Assistance Projects

Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project
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Technical Guidance

Evaluating a Title II development-oriented multi-year assistance project (MYAP) involves assessing its outcomes and impacts, that is, verifying the extent to which project activities are associated with intended changes in the practices and well-being of the beneficiary population. Evaluation objectives may range from simply measuring the level of change in indicators of well-being, to attributing a change in the level of those indicators to the intervention being implemented. The focus of this Technical Note is to lay out the various evaluation design options open to Title II project managers. Choosing among designs depends on the answer to one basic question:

  • How confident do project managers need to be that the changes they see are a result of project activities?

The answer to this question leads to the selection of one of four types of evaluation designs applied at the beginning or baseline of a project (Pre) and at the end or final evaluation of the project (Post):

  • Simple Pre-Post (Type I)
  • Pre-Post with Control Groups (Type II)
  • Pre-Post with Treatment of Determinants and Known Confounding Factors (Type III)
  • Pre-Post with Control Groups and Treatment of Determinants and Known Confounding factors (Type IV)