Food Aid Management (FAM)
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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

As more and more effective development methods are created and disseminated (e.g., the Hearth methodology), and new, rapidly-spreading problems emerge (e.g., AIDS), the potential for both positive and negative rapid changes in communities in developing countries increases.  These changes lead to increasing needs among PVOs and their NGO and governmental counterparts for measuring changes more frequently during the life of a project, which in turn requires improved monitoring systems.  As new interventions are added to an organization’s repertoire, new monitoring tools must be found to measure the outputs and outcomes of these interventions (e.g., changes in sexual practices).  Also, as organizations seek to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their projects, it is clear that more must be done to monitor and improve the quality of development work.

This document was written to provide organizations and agencies with a compendium of monitoring tools that can be used in Title II funded and other health and agriculture development projects. This document also presents specific, detailed information on how each tool can be used by an organization, which was collected through correspondence with PVOs and other agencies.