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Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration: Lessons from Nuyok’s Approach in Karamoja

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This learning brief is part of a series bringing together experiences and lessons learned from the Nuyok Resilience Food Security Activity (2017–2023). The briefs are designed for practitioners, including local government representatives, civil society organizations, and other actors working on natural resources management, sanitation, and livelihoods-related issues.

This learning brief highlights farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR) as a promising approach to conserving trees and increasing tree cover, providing many benefits to communities, particularly when complemented with soil water harvesting and conservation practices. In the context of the Nuyok program, the impact of FMNR practices is based on community perception and observations of change. Future FMNR efforts can benefit from further data around factors that influence the sustainability of the approach and uptake by communities.

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