Food for the Hungry
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Tools & Manuals

The overarching goal for this resource is to strengthen the capacity of current and new FH Title II food security staff and current and/or new food security partners by establishing a process for on-going capacity building in core programming competencies. In order to accomplish this goal, three main objectives have been formulated: 

  1. Produce a Food Security Program Life Cycle Toolkit;
  2. Conduct training of trainers events in FHI Title II fields in the use of the toolkit; and
  3. Monitor field replication of training/use of the toolkit and conduct additional workshops on as-demanded basis.

The pages within contain the toolkit cited in Objective #1 above. Using the various tools and training materials that were developed under the ISG/ISA, as well as a number of other tools and documents written by other individuals, groups or organizations, the FH ICB team has produced a comprehensive toolkit that covers the following food security program areas: 1) pre-program assessments, 2) program design, 3) baseline surveying, 4) innovative program implementation, and 5) program monitoring and evaluation.

It is our hope and prayer that the guidance and multiple tools provided herein to manage the entire lifecycle of a food security program are useful to our food security staff, our local partners, and our fellow international Cooperating Sponsors throughout the world.