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Gender-Disaggregated Data for Agriculture and Rural Development: Guide for Facilitators

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) | Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis Programme (SEAGA)
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Tools & Manuals

Improving food security and people’s livelihoods is complex and calls for a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. Such an approach must include the collection, management and analysis of data for agriculture and rural development – for planning and policy purposes as well as for monitoring and evaluating the impacts of interventions.

This guide --or more appropriately -- package of facilitation materials, has been prepared to assist in the process of building capacity of those involved in producing agricultural data and statistics. More precisely, it is intended to improve producers’ abilities to integrate a gender perspective in the design, collection, tabulation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of agricultural information.

The guide is intended for use by those seeking to facilitate change in approaches to policy and planning design within agricultural ministries, national statistics offices, and other relevant institutions. Specifically, it is intended for those facilitating change with agricultural data and statistics producers in those institutions.

This guide contains several materials useful to facilitators planning and conducting a workshop on gender-disaggregated data (GDD) for agriculture and rural development -- whether long or short, focusing on data tabulation and analysis or questionnaire design, or intended for more technical staff or decision-makers.