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A Guide and Cheat Sheet for Resilience Food Security Activities: How to Engage Youth in Alternative Livelihoods

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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

An abundance of thoughtful and evidence-based youth-focused resources exists in the international development world. However, navigating the array of toolkits, guidance notes and other materials can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for implementing partners in the midst of program delivery. For this reason, the SCALE team has combed through resource libraries for the tools and guidance most pertinent to engaging young people in BHA-funded Development Food Security Activities (DFSAs) and Resilience Food Security Activities (RFSAs). 

The guide is a "cheat sheet" to these resources. It is designed to point implementers to the most relevant materials for supporting youth alternative livelihoods (off-farm and non-farm work) within BHA-funded food security programs. It is intended to be a working document so that new resources can be included as they become available. 

This guidance document is separated into two sections. The first introduces the importance of engaging youth in BHA-funded food security programs and provides an overview of key knowledge platforms, approaches and considerations for supporting youth engagement. The second section outlines a pathway to meaningful employment and self-employment, providing a summary of practical activities and key resources for including youth each step of the way.