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Guide to Formulating Gendered Social Norms Indicators in the Context of Food Security and Nutrition

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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals
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This guide is designed for program formulators and implementers, and monitoring and evaluation specialists responsible for creating and implementing M&E frameworks and systems for food security, agriculture, and nutrition programs. At present, there is no standard or validated set of social norms indicators for food security and nutrition, and there is a general lack of clear and practical guidance and examples of such indicators for these sectors. Seeking to contribute to filling this gap, this guide will assist with formulating indicators to measure changes in gendered social norms in the context of food security and nutrition. It also offers an initial set of example indicators that program implementers can draw on to assess social norms change in the context of food security and nutrition programs. It draws from existing indicators from literature and program experiences around measuring social norms, including in other sectors, and creates original indicators as well.