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HDP Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for its Implementation

European Commission
European Commission
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Evaluations and Research

This study, commissioned by the European Commission, EEAS, and ECHO, examines the challenges and opportunities of implementing the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (Triple Nexus) based on nine country cases. The report highlights a strong understanding of the Triple Nexus's value in addressing protracted crises but identifies challenges in operationalization. Recommendations include refining EU guidance, promoting learning and knowledge sharing, advocating internationally, maintaining a "hands-off, eyes-on" approach with a Help Desk, addressing resource underestimation, and enhancing coordination. Challenges in incorporating the peace element, upholding humanitarian principles, mobilizing resources, and institutional factors are also recognized, leading to recommendations for fine-tuning joint conflict analysis, clarifying peace element integration, guiding humanitarian exit, advancing localization, engaging EU Member States, and establishing a monitoring framework for the Triple Nexus.