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Human Centered Design Approaches for Safe and Sustainable Latrine Construction and Utilization in Takunda Target Communities

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Takunda, a USAID-funded, multisectoral, Resilience and Food Security Activity in Zimbabwe, is using a process of Human-Centered Design (HCD) to strengthen safe and sustainable latrine construction and use in four rural districts of Zimbabwe (Buhera, Chivi, Mutare, and Zaka). Unique within the region, Zimbabwe has had a standardized latrine design since the 1980s—the Blair Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (BVIP). The latrine’s purposeful and safe design promotes airflow to remove odors and trap flies. This learning brief shares design approaches for safe and sustainable latrine construction and utilization in Takunda target communities. A short video that goes along with the learning brief is also available here.