PRO-WASH and Think Place
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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

In November 2022, ThinkPlace facilitated two Co-design workshops in Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. The findings from the workshops will be used by the USAID-funded Resilience and Food Security Activities (RFSAs), to refine key sanitation and handwashing activities and to ensure harmonized and evidence-based sanitation and handwashing interventions. During the workshop, ThinkPlace used Human-Centered Design (HCD) methodologies to build an understanding of the hygiene and sanitation context, cultural practices, and social and psychological influences of hygiene-related behaviors, market-related factors, and corresponding opportunities to address them. The workshop brought together a select group of community members. The community members' selection process was aimed to ensure a representation of each concept’s user profile.

This HCD Guide contains the learnings from the workshops and guidance on how to further iterate the recommended hygiene and sanitation low-fidelity prototypes using HCD methodology. It is recommended that the RFSAs lead the iterations /adaptations during the implementation period.