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Information System for Management, Analysis & Reporting Timeliness (I-SMART) 2.0

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ACDI/VOCA developed, tested, and refined a user-friendly, cost-effective information management system tool, called I-SMART, that supports multisectoral program management and donor reporting. The tool uses MagPi and Microsoft Access software and is designed to easily capture information and create unique identifiers at all levels, including individual and household. This allows a program to ensure accurate reporting in terms of beneficiary numbers and households reached, as well as potentially allowing for an analysis of food security impact by type of intervention. The system can generate reports by type of activity or by beneficiary. As part of the development process, I-SMART was vetted during an initial workshop with partners in Washington, DC, and field-tested in Sierra Leone. 

Using a second small grant, ACDI/VOCA updated and improved I-SMART, including by focusing more on distinguishing categories of beneficiaries (pregnant, lactating, child) within the food distribution activity. I-SMART Version 2.0 was field-tested by ACDI/VOCA in Burkina Faso, by OIC International in Liberia, and by Save the Children in Zimbabwe. The revised tool was highly rated on efficiency, user-friendliness, accuracy (fewer errors), real-time data availability to all with access to the database, language capabilities, ability to track unique beneficiaries, and ability to capture disaggregated data.

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