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Key Resources for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Practitioners

The TOPS Program
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Technical Guidance

This document lists key resources for seven different agriculture and natural resource management (ANRM) topic areas, specifically for:

  1. ANRM Program Design and Development,
  2. Technologies to Enhance Agro-Ecological Resilience,
  3. Agriculture for Improved Nutrition,
  4. Market Development,
  5. ANRM Technical Extension Services,
  6. ANRM Financial Services and Insurance, and
  7. Measuring Impact and Using Data.

The list was developed both as a stand-alone reference document for development programs’ ANRM staff, and as a compliment to The TOPS Program’s ANRM Core Competency Series, which intends to provide hiring managers, program managers, and program staff with explanations of the core skills and knowledge technical staff may need to possess to carry out their positions effectively.

Resources were collated with input from the FSN Network’s ANRM Task Force, leading to a distilled set of resources that came from different organizations’ experiences and expertise. The list is not exhaustive, but is intended to provide a minimum set of useful resources to support program implementation under seven core ANRM topic areas.