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The CORE Group's Knowledge, Practice, Coverage (KPC) Survey Training Curriculum provides trainer guidelines and participant handouts and resources to train field workers to carry out a KPC survey. The KPC Trainer’s Guide includes three modules:

  1. KPC Training Module 1: Training the Core Team
  2. KPC Training Module 2: Training Supervisors and Interviewers
  3. KPC Training Module 3: Training the Post-Survey Analysis Team

This resource is KPC Training Module 1, which provides a set of learning sessions used to train the Core Team in the field to provide overall administration of the survey, including choosing the sample, preparing the survey instrument, and planning how to use results to inform program planning. 

The Core Team Training is designed for individuals who will form the Core Team, usually three to five people in-country who are directly responsible for designing, organizing, and implementing the KPC survey. The participants will be responsible for training field staff to implement the KPC survey in coordination with the KPC Survey Trainer who has received the TOST training. The Core Team will be made up of staff from the PVO, partners and the MOH.

Participants will leave the training with:

  • An understanding of the process used and materials needed for implementing a KPC survey
  • A KPC Survey design, including a sampling protocol, draft questionnaire, data analysis plan, logistics plan and budget