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Learning by Doing: Employing Human-Centered Design Techniques to WASH

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Training and Workshop Materials

In June 2019,  PRO-WASH and iDE heldan interactive training workshop on how using a Human-Centered Design (HCD) can address global sanitation solutions. This workshop focused on how to apply HCD principles, step-by-step, through a real-life WASH project in Bangladesh. Using user data, workshop participants worked through all the stages of a design project – from identifying insights to prototyping and testing. HCD is a systematic method for acquiring a deep understanding of customers, their environments, and their routines in order to create innovative solutions to the problems that they face. iDE uses these insights to iteratively generate, prototype, and refine solutions that improve lives and livelihood, considering the entire user experience from how a solution is built to how it is promoted, financed, delivered, serviced, and more. 

The workshop pre-reading material, workshop tools, and presentations are available on this page.