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Navigating Constraints to Implementing Impact Evaluations in Humanitarian Settings

Humanitarian Assistance Evidence Cycle (HAEC)
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Evaluations and Research | Technical Guidance

As the need for humanitarian response continues to increase, so too does the importance of rigorous, high-quality evidence to inform its funding. The Humanitarian Assistance Evidence Cycle (HAEC) Associate Award works to increase the utilization of cost-effective and timely impact evaluations of emergency food security activities funded by the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).

To increase the utilization of impact evaluations, HAEC first worked to understand the key barriers to conducting impact evaluations in humanitarian contexts. To do so, the team conducted 68 consultations with implementers, funders, and researchers and identified ten primary constraints outlined in this report. Additionally, HAEC outlines successful strategies for navigating these constraints and key recommendations for donors and implementers.