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Evaluations and Research

The Njira Development Food Assistance Project (DFAP) was launched in Fiscal Year 2015 and aimed to reduce food insecurity in Malawi.

This brief summarizes the results of the final evaluation conducted by TANGO International. The evaluation measured Njira’s development outcomes and presented evidence that:

  • Layered, cross-purpose interventions tailored to beneficiaries create a pathway of change and are an effective resilience strategy.
  • Supporting local governance institutions that promote community empowerment and confidence in collective action enhances sustainable outcomes.
  • Closely integrated collaboration between project and government staff builds local institutional capacity to support cause-effect outcomes.
  • Low-cost innovative agricultural practices can improve production and increase household income.
  • Severe external shocks can neutralize the benefits of project activities in any given year.
  • Communities are now empowered to solve their own problems, and many participants have learned new skills that have become part of their adaptation “toolkit.”

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