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Outcome Mapping: Building Learning and Reflection into Development Programs

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

This manual is intended as an introduction to the theory and concepts of Outcome Mapping and as a guide to conducting an Outcome Mapping workshop. Although Outcome Mapping may be appropriate in various contexts, it has primarily been tested by development research organizations and programs working in Canada, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. This manual reflects that perspective and Outcome Mapping may have to be adapted to be used with groups other than our constituency of researchers, scientific organizations, government officials, policymakers, and NGOs (for example, communities). 

Section 1 presents the theory underpinning Outcome Mapping. Section 2 presents an overview of the workshop approach to Outcome Mapping. Sections 3, 4, and 5 outline each of the stages of an Outcome Mapping workshop, suggest a process that can be followed by the facilitator, and provide examples of the finished “products.”