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Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement and Market Expansion (PRIME) Recurrent Monitoring Survey 2014-15 Deep Dive: Uncovering the Pathways to Resilience

Resilience and Evaluation, Analysis and Learning (REAL) Award
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Evaluations and Research

From March 2014 to March 2015, households in two areas of Ethiopia chosen as sites of the PRIME project’s impact evaluation, Borena and Jijiga, experienced unusually severe drought. Using baseline data (December 2013) and Recurrent Monitoring Survey data (collected monthly from Oct 2014-March 2015), the study examines which resilience capacities enabled households to recover from the 2014-15 drought in ways that can help inform future programming for the PRIME project.

Three Deep Dive Questions:

  1. Which resilience capacities enabled households to recover from the drought?
  2. How did resilience capacities shape the coping strategies that households employed to manage the drought?
  3. Which resilience capacities should be bolstered to increase households’ resilience to drought in the PRIME project’s operational area?

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