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The Pathways to Change game is designed to make the concept of behavior change more understandable. When outreach workers use the game with their communities, it stimulates thinking that can motivate individuals and communities to change. Playing Pathways to Change can also help community health workers and peer educators understand the target population’s perceptions of barriers to change and facilitators of change. When the game is used in this way, it functions as an informal data collection tool that can be helpful for designing and tailoring interventions.

This low-literacy version of the game uses simple symbols to represent the factors at the personal, social, and environmental levels that make it harder or easier for someone to make a change in behavior.

A second version of the game, designed primarily for use in Uganda, has a glossary of key terms with translations in Acholi, Lango, Iteso, Lukonzo, Luganda, and Swahili. The Moderator’s Handbook  is a helpful resource for training outreach workers.