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Technical Guidance

Integrating Gender into Resilience Analysis: A Conceptual Overview

In order to accurately understand, analyze and effectively promote greater resilience among vulnerable populations, it is critical to acknowledge that women, girls, boys, and men bring different abilities to contribute to resilience at multiple levels This concept note outlines proposed gender-related considerations when leveraging resilience conceptual frameworks. In doing so, it highlights significant factors related to gender that can inform resilience strategy, program design, monitoring, evaluation, learning, and adaptive management.

Measuring Resilience Across and Between Scales and How to Do It

In this concept note, the authors discuss the importance and the challenges related to the measurement of resilience across and between scales. ‘Scales’ are understood as “natural levels of observation or analysis” and the most commonly used levels are individual, household, and community. The note aims to provide generic advice and practical guidance to agencies, practitioners, and other stakeholders that are involved in resilience interventions in the international development field on why it is important to measure resilience on multiple scales as well as how to do it.