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‘Refine and Implement’ (R&I) is a model that is applied after resilience food security activities (RFSAs) are awarded by the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). The model aims to “enable implementing partners (IPs) to improve collaboration, activity design and focus, fit to context, and implementation planning in partnership with BHA.” During R&I, the activity engages in a ‘refinement period’ prior to full implementation. During this period, implementing partners (IPs) refine the activity design based on evidence, community consultations and visioning processes, and stakeholder input. 

This toolkit shares tools and resources for partners who work on RFSAs under the Refine & Implement model. These resources can also help other mechanisms who support the RFSA R&I process. Resources are organized by program cycle phase: the request for application (RFA) and design phase, the refinement period, and the implementation phase during years approximately 2-5. Learn more and explore the toolkit below!

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