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Resource Guide for Building Effective Collaboration and Integrated Programming

The TOPS Program
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Technical Guidance
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This Resource Guide was developed using an innovative, participatory process of extracting practical guidance, lessons learned and promising practices from the work PCI has been doing as facilitator of the USAID/USDA Coordination Committee in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, as well as promising/best practices and experience in effective coordination from many other FNS implementing organizations around the world.

Coordination is a concept that everyone is familiar with, and yet is often elusive. Coordination among organizations working in the same geographic area, implementing similar or complementary interventions needs to be effective in order to ensure greater impact and best use of the resources available. It needs to be facilitated and fostered with skill, based on promising or best practices and lessons learned, and it must be given greater priority, including specific investment, if it is to be more than just a vague concept to aspire to. The need for better harmonization and rationalization of programming, including prioritization and leveraging of limited resources, is a focus of the evolving Theory of Change approach to program design and implementation and clearly USAID and other donors are doing what they can to drive collaboration and integration, leverage and coordination at field level. This Resource Guide is designed to provide practical tools for ensuring success and do exactly that.

This guide was funded by a TOPS Small Grant.