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Sanitation & Human Centered Design in Bangladesh

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Evaluations and Research

This report  compiles the insights and learnings through the HEAR, CREATE and DELIVER phases of research on sanitation systems in the Haor and Char regions of Bangladesh. The research has been done as a component of PRO-WASH through the SHOUHARDO III project. Over a four month period, iDE conducted rigorous human centred formative research, rapid prototyping and participatory in-depth interviews with customers, potential service providers, local NGO staff and relevant stakeholders. This research has aimed to balance practical, operational, strategic and philosophical constraints with a pragmatic approach to designing grounded solutions. As with any strategy, the recommendations within this document will require further testing, refinement and adaptive management. Markets are dynamic and static implementation is seldom able to create sustainable and resilient change. 

Building on this work, in June 2019,  PRO-WASH and iDE held an interactive training workshop on how using a Human-Centered Design (HCD) can address global sanitation solutions. This workshop focused on how to apply HCD principles, step-by-step, through a real-life WASH project in Bangladesh.  Materials from this workshop are available here