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Savings & Internal Lending Communities: Field Agent Guide

Catholic Relief Services
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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

The Field Agent Guide aims to help ensure that all SILC programs, implemented by field agents/Private Service Providers and supported by CRS and its partners, meet a high standard of quality. It does this by providing guidance for selected and trained field agents/Private Service Providers to lead, deliver and effectively manage all three periods within the SILC cycle. While some aspects of the SILC methodology or delivery strategy may be adapted to specific countries and contexts, the Field Agent1 Guide serves as a standardized starting point that presents best practices and standards. This ensures that programs that follow this guide will have strong results. 

Field agents, and those who train and supervise field agents, are the main intended users of this Guide. CRS SILC program managers and local implementing partners will use the Guide as a resource to train field agents. Field agent supervisors will use the Guide as a resource during on-the-job coaching. Field agents will use the Guide as their primary tool and as a reference in all stages of their work with SILCs. In the future, field agents will use the Guide to train peer field agents.