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SCALE's Facilitators of the Year Initiative recognizes and celebrates program staff who are facilitating agriculture, natural resource management, or alternative livelihoods-related activities around the world.

We asked our community to nominate individuals working on USAID/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)-funded emergency or nonemergency activities who use engaging and participatory facilitation techniques, respectfully and actively listen to others and effectively draw on others’ experiences.

These exceptional facilitators comprise the SCALE Facilitators of the Year 2021 Cohort and their top facilitation tips can be found in the brief below. Join us in celebrating them!

  • Aluka Irene, Apolou
  • Bulisani Mlotshwa, Amalima Loko
  • Corine Bisomerine, Food Security Project (FSP)
  • Desalegn Akati Tolessa, IFAA
  • Florence Randari, Apolou
  • Fortune Tafirenyika, Takunda
  • Gashaw Marye Kassa, TRAIN/PReSERVE
  • Herbert Olinga, Apolou
  • Itoskit Itambwe Kitulo, FSP-Enyanya
  • Louise Sibusiso Nkomo, Amalima Loko
  • Lukia Nagadya, Graduating to Resilience Activity
  • Mulonda Wabiwa Lydie, FSP-Enyanya
  • Patience Murora, Graduating to Resilience Activity
  • Wallelgn Negash Kebede, TRAIN/PReSERVE

Our 2020 Cohort consisted of 14 facilitators from 10 BHA-funded activities. Click here to check out their facilitation skills and tips.